Who is invited to apply?

This high-level program invites key decision makers who drive inclusive economic development in their countries, institutions, and communities: Ministers/Vice Ministers (of Economy, Industry, Trade, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Science and Technology); Members of Congress/Legislature/Parliament; Private Sector and Local Government Leaders from cities/regions; Chancellors/Presidents/Vice Presidents of Universities; Presidents of Competitiveness Councils, Senior Leaders of Regional Economic Development, Small Business Development Center Leaders; Senior Public/Private/Academia Sector Individuals, and Top Entrepreneurs and societal influencers, among others.  ACE strives to obtain strong representation from the public, private, and academic sectors on the program as well as having a gender balance.

What are the requirements?

Applicants should:

  1. Have a professional and/or academic background that facilitates inter- and intra-country based development, such as foreign direct investment, trade, exports, supply chain linkages, shared technology, etc.

  2. Be able to allocate resources, propose and adopt key policies, and/or possess the necessary connections to make identified priorities and actions possible within their country and in collaboration with other countries.

  3. Be fluent in English. All activities of the 7th ACE will be carried out in English.

  4. Have a valid visa (if necessary) to enter the United States.

  5. Be able to provide visa, passport, photo, and other necessary information to complete travel procedures.

  6. Be able to participate during the entire program.  Partial participation is not allowed.



Profile of Participants

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